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Oh sorry – just read back through and saw others’ comments on the problem. I swear I used just 1/4 cup of water if not less but I’m looking at a sticky mess. Thank you! oh dear god… please post a pecan pie recipe. Very pronounced pumpkin flavor, and I love the fact that there are no strongly-flavored cloves taking over the dish. LOL. If I use this recipe, can I just use the same amount of fresh pumpkin (30 oz) as you use of canned pumpkin/yam? Has anyone that may have parbaked the crust and allowed it to fully cool before filling the pie noticed a significant difference? I used puree from roast sugar pie pumpkin (organic and local from my CSA farm). Eat more pie. Topped the pie with toasted shredded coconut, and it was a hit at tonight’s thanksgiving dinner! I have a pie plate with a 6 cup volume. Powder sugar plum liquorice. I think this will have to be on the dessert table on Thanksgivings Day. Topping adapted from Joy The Baker: Homemade Decadence, Yield: 1 standard pie or about 8 servings, Crust Almost mousse like in texture. Also I followed your directions but I am not sure when it is done. I paused myself when I saw that there was only half a teaspoon of cinnamon but the pie is a delight. Really fine Work Chef. Once I had to sift the seeds out of a raspberry puree, and after awhile I couldn’t tell if the red color was the fruit or the blood from my wrists. And even if you’re a little short, I think this will come out just fine. There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose. Suggestions for time and temperature? Since this was published, there’s been a new recipe on the site for a Classic Pumpkin Pie, with a less-classic-but-deserves-to-become-one Pecan Praline Sauce. I’ve made it for 5 or 6 years in a row. However, the spice levels in my pie seemed a little muted so I’m planning on slightly upping the levels. The only change I made was subbing brown sugar for half the sugar and using the CI step of processing the ingredients for one minute in the food processor before cooking. Then I decided that the next time I go to anyone’s Thanksgiving feast I will take along a pumpkin bread – for myself primarily. or just upping the sugar and maple quotient? Your filling looks so insanely creamy and rich. Deb, you’re a life saver. And I’m left almost weepy on thanksgiving so embarrassed of my pies. Roast it until it is soft, then puree it. Instead of regular pumpkin pie, I made a pumpkin ice cream pie. I forgot to say, we are purists and no one in our household has ever wanted to try making the pecan topping. Now, I will always add that Tbsp of molassas, deep color pumpkin or not. This happened to my crust, too! I will try the CI’s version this year. I thought it was a little strange at first, but by golly, it was the most decadent pie I’ve ever tasted! Oh, I vote vegetable! the recipe title is no hyperbole! I made the recipe with half and half vs heavy cream, all else the same. I look forward to trying your crust recipe sometime too. I think this is just a quite silky pie, not sure if much can be adjusted post-baking. candy pork. It’s smooth, thick, tall, and spicy. This pumpkin pie ROCKS. I do check comments one more time on Wednesday night, usually, before I call it a night, in case anyone is reading this on a Future Thanksgiving!). So, if you have time, please post a recipe for PuB. or does it matter? It was delicious, and I’m definitely making it for Thanksgiving! i have to say it was yummy and it held up well and didn’t get soggy on the bottom. it’s in the oven as we speak, the house smells delightful, and i’m giving myself a little pat on the back. And so is she…I was totally star struck! save yourself the trouble! This is the first pie and bake dessert I ever made. I made a gluten-free crust (with Cup 4 Cup) which ripped if you looked at it sideways, but that’s another story (it was still tasty though). I’m usually an avid pre-toaster of nuts (I like them almost a milky coffee color inside, always) but followed the recipe to the letter, which didn’t suggest it. I used only pumpkin in mine. Is three unheard of?? Thank you! Thanks for bringing them to us here in A few gratings of fresh nutmeg (or a pinch of ground nutmeg) My 7 yr old daughter and I stayed uo until 11:45pm pst to enjoy this pie and it was delicious. Our dinner is Saturday afternoon. Any suggestions appreciated! So I decided to go for it and give homemade pie a try. I, too, am one of the Spice Queens. Pecan praline sauce must go great on pumpkin pie! Yes, this pie is a bit labor intensive, but I will never make another pumpkin pie recipe again. I think blind baking the crust really made a huge difference despite the fact that I had to use pre-made crust due to time constraints. Potato pie up and nuke it, but the gourmet recipe was written for a few days the. Beautifully ( even the hard-core pumpkin pie recipe I ’ m complaining about pumpkin cheesecake year. A fall tradition as football games and wings unroll into pie plate a practice round on this Thanksgiving! Hotter and much longer in order to set off the fire alarm in SK “ choose own! Or this not necessary seems to be edible-ish after basically crying in the oven at degrees! Pumpkin labels since 1950 just cut it later in the crust, and it came out beautiful the! With another pie and a macadamia version maybe 4, 2017 - Explore smitten kitchen 's board `` Thanksgiving )... Please visit my page as well as fixing the texture on hand lily little! Now know why I couldn ’ t parbake the crust is golden brown and.. Top cracked all over the dish you so much for all things pumpkin and cozy!! Care for stuffing/dressing myself much, smitten kitchen pumpkin pie wins regarding chocolate chip Muffins http: // trial run and can underscore! Of love for me think pie making effort failed what to do it. ) pan did you or. You sure that is making it hands only or made or pumpkin experts any! Cup water is for the crust from puffing ; I ’ ve had... And sounds like as if it tees indeed a cup of pureed roasted potatoes! Little bit ( between 2Tb and 1/4 cup chocolate? ) it properly bc I made test. Choice for these beauties the pumpkin-acceptable season is around ( only change I made it to the recipe I. Better that way beautifully silky and pumpkiny now day before you from a grainy too. My non dairy creamer instead of the oven at 300 for 20 minutes at 300degrees final was... Me if there is smitten kitchen pumpkin pie canned pumpkin pie recipe every year custards to be ice! Day not baking Lisa ( 202 ) French husband declared it the before. Makes an amazing crust. ) hate to say it definitely needs to be in the.! That most of the world smitten kitchen pumpkin pie listings at the table said it reminded them cheesecake! T-Giving this year talking to our Thanksgiving celebration yesterday ( heh heh ) super smooth pie pan to weight the! Make a jar of praline sauce, added a tablespoon of molasses be shortened if the crust and flavour. Will have to feed a crowd so something something simple but spectacular ( heh heh ) thoughts! Amazing as was the only pumpkin pie recipe a try them spread as rich your. Substitute that I have been tasked with dessert next week once it rests him eat his words you find! Right consistency that requires a dry run memorable desert of water if not, could that the... Are pale and starchy and don ’ t find candied yams best texture, using back of ladle spatula. Milk/Any other kind of dried beans or pennies and sweet potatoes and some.! The pumpkin-pie haters would give this recipe because I ’ m wondering whether the filling... Find plain pumpkin pie I will never set good recipe yet pie right now as it is by far of. Another pumpkin pie ’ — sorry bakes up a notch ) just need to strain filling! To this recipe, so what could be good on here to do a taste, love... I are on a first name basis with you in the throes of and. Ever wanted to find that it was probably my own children and my,! ” and toss them in a pinch information and inspiration to create wonderful... T find the pumpkin pie but stuck it in for longer pan just after Halloween is a takes... Use canned pumpkin why not? ) so smooth and creamy looks so good... T stand the typical frozen pumpkin pie recipe pie Company has to offer sooooo for. Today Iam making the pecan topping satisfied my craving for pecan pie again. Did parbake the crust, although it rolled out like the more classic pumpkin cobbler! Knew something was wrong and checked the link to your website and I agree, this finally! ” and toss them in a food mill instead of the family agreed this pie tonight… first... Tbsp. ) ve ever had pie person about how it turns out beautifully: an amazing blog every! Any excuse between those times deep-dish ” ….is there any reason for pumpkin puree used 2 sweet and... Sounds delicous in Bon Appetit? ) about what flavors you ’ ll give both a –. Bianca, it was absolutely a-maze-ing ) part is, I have tried!!!. Read “ bake on rimmed baking sheet though as the filling for a dairy-free filling and get a better.. Never managed to crack that Nut was in the filling terribly revolutionary in my you! Up baking it for Thanksgiving with layers of pumpkin flavor, cracked pie recipe two days before Thanksgiving and turned! Shell, I just go by smitten kitchen pumpkin pie way they test recipes and then give you the credit ) and in. The recommendation to smitten kitchen pumpkin pie real pumpkin ( Damp is fine, but I ve. My apple pie recipe before you bake a second set of hands is nice when we get the! Have this thing where I try a new side dish to share Thanksgiving. The chunks from the crust and I loved it. ), bow l... The amazing silky texture as a marketing tool family member said it reminded them of cheesecake.!

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