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From Trier to Königsberg. 1872-1894. 52 pages. THE RAILWAY RACE BEFORE 1914, In it, he argued that railway timetables played a key part in starting the First World War. In June 1847 the first number of Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide was issued, giving the timetables of the Continental railways. They're a great way to see the country, whether you travel on the inter-city trains between Toronto, Montréal and Québec, the Océan from Montréal to Halifax or Canada's classic trans-continental train, The Canadian from Toronto to Winnipeg, Edmonton, Jasper & Vancouver. (A search of any 19th century newspaper should produce railway timetable advertisements.) These employee timetables contain a wealth of information on the railway and were intended for train crews. Any group or individual with large already scanned collection(s) of timetables from other railroads are encouraged to contact us. The following is the list of Grand Trunk Railway timetables (employee or public) I have shared online: 1922/04/30 Grand Trunk Employee Timetable 1914 Railroad Commission of Louisiana Atlas: Arkansas & Gulf R.R. The railways of the German Empire as at February 1914 – Reprint. In 1898, the South Indian Railway ran a Madras - Tuticorin service that connected with the boat to Ceylon. Official Time Tables and General Information, July 2, 1894; Complete Time Tables, July 15 th, 1902; Time Tables, Railways and Steamships, January 21, 1921 ... Oregon Trunk Railway. Timetables - Systemwide. Gwalior Light Railway. (La.) 20 To Take Effect Friday, April 10th, 1914 at 12:01 O'clock A.M. Central TimeThis timetable is an oblong booklet format of 32 pages including he covers measuring about 12" x … Condition: Good with a little shelf wear. In fact, winter timetables were introduced from September as this was a reduced service to the summer months. Timetables - Rail-Bus. This issue from May 1914 is typical with 8 pages comprising a front and rear cover the front cover having a palm tree sprouting the railway crest on it and two photos and the rear cover with s map. 1914 Midland Great Western Railway (Ireland|) Tourist Guide & Timetable. This site is entirely not-for-profit and all information contained within is to be used for your personal use only. This is Time Table No. The steamer from Tuticorin to Colombo took 22 hours. Grand Trunk Railway. Each region is represented with its own index page and each individual old railway timetable has a cover image, map of … Please check our Journey Planning and live train times pages before you travel. (La.) Train travel in Canada... Canadian long-distance trains are run by VIA Rail Canada, www.viarail.ca (click 'home' top right). STEVENSON, David, WAR BY TIMETABLE? L&N 1965 Timetable Posted on June 19, 2015 by Train Lover May 10, 2015 At one time, the Louisville & Nashville had five trains on the “Dixie Route” to Florida, but by 1965 it was down to just one: the South Wind , which left Chicago at 8:35 am and arrived in St. Petersburg the next day at 5:15 pm and Miami at 5:45 pm. A branch west to Hillsboro opens September 20 and service is soon extended to Forest Grove. It was discontinued in 1914 at the outbreak of the First World War. This timetable covers all railway lines existing on PEI at the time. Completely restored version of the original map on high quality art paper. There was no "slide" to war, no war caused by "inadvertence," but instead a world war caused by a fearful set of elite statesmen and rulers making deliberate choices. As a result, I decided to collate existing timetables as and when they are issued and store them here for public information. rock_dinosaur: British Railways Timetable, 15th June, 1959 — 0 rock_dinosaur : British Railways Timetable, 27th September, 1948 — 0 rock_dinosaur : LNER Timetable, 28th October, 1940 — 0 The following schedules are from a 1941 timetable… A new Editor, C. H. Davies, was appointed in 1914 and the timetable continued during the 1914–18 war mainly as a shipping guide with a warning note that the train services shown for Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia, the Balkans, and Turkey were those in force prior to the war. 1898 / Timetable / Cover / C&NW / UP. This took 21 hours and 50 minutes for the 443 mile (709km) run. 1922 Public Service Commission of Louisiana Atlas: Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri Ry. The continental 1914. One item: Fold-out map and promotional literature for Oregon land seekers. This is an original antique 1914 employee timetable issued by the Kansas City Terminal Railway Company. His account of the railway race in Europe from the Franco-Prussian war to WW1 is fascinating. I'd love to discuss it with anyone interested. Lloyd George was a minister in 1914 and Prime Minister during the war. British Rail All National Timetable 1995/09/24 1996/06/01 Great Britain Passenger Railway Timetable Smaller format. Some weekend timetables will change from 13 December 2020 to reflect patterns in demand and to accommodate planned engineering works. When war was declared in 1914, the 130 extant railway companies were taken over by the government in the form of the Railway Executive Committee, consisting of the general managers of the major railway companies. Old public and employee timetables are available (by chance) in antique and collectibles stores, on the internet, at model railway shows and swap table meets, and in all levels of public archives. Softback. 1937-1953. Includes map and supplement NT 32 British Rail East London, Central and East Essex Public Timetable 1984/10/01 1985/05/12 Train Services 4 London Liverpool Street, It grew to over 1,000 pages, including timetables, guidebook and hotel directory. 1914 PEI Railway Timetable. This was a false alarm but it was an alarm which absolutely dictated their policy. (La.) Cover condition as shown; contents are fine. Index page of old British Railway timetables both working timetables and public timetables from the present to pre-1948. Details can be found on our Journey Planning and live train times pages and by clicking on the links for your route below. In the 1970s, I discovered a handful of different issues of these timetable … Published since 1868, The Official Guide of the Railways covered rail and marine passenger services across North and Central America. Binding delicate but totally intact. Working Timetable Oct: RAIL 951/53 (1921) Working Timetable: RAIL 951/54 (1921) Working Timetable May (Coal Strike emergency services) RAIL 951/55 (1922) Working Timetable: RAIL 951/56 (1922) Working Timetable Oct (3 London Bridge station platform timetables) RAIL 951/57 (1922) Working Timetable: RAIL 951/58 (1922) Working Timetable Oct ? These lines will eventually be electrified beginning in 1912 and will host the "Red Electric" interurban trains from 1914-1929. Often includes map, ticket prices, travel and railroad information. 1878 / December / Timetable / C&NW. Learn more. Public Timetables - schedules of passenger trains, usually for the complete system. Belgrave Line . This does not contain suburban train operations but rather just inter-city operations. Folder 30. 1908 - The Oregon Electric Railway Company begins operating a line south from Portland to Salem on January 20. 1898 C&NW Timetable Cover. Timetables … Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company. The train operated for the last time according to HŽ Passenger Transport timetable for the period of December 11, 2011, until December 8, 2012, when the train had first and second class coaches with seats within its composition, a dining coach and a couchette, and it was connected (440/441) with Venice S.L. (La.) Issue date: 1914. 59 x 84 cm German standard paper … With colour distinction of all State railways and of private tracks. Folder 31. Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company. 1903 Cram Railway Atlas: Arkansas Southeastern R.R. This site was created due to the difficulty I found in tracking down historic Railway Timetables for the UK. AT&SF (Santa Fe) Dec. 1, 1914; Connotton Valley Railway Feb. 22, 1881 (Rand McNally Official Railway Guide 1881 … The new timetable for Victoria’s train network Travelling on the network Maps News and Events Help & Support Home Belgrave Line Restrictions are in place to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and save lives. Nevertheless, Moltke the Younger developed sophisticated railway deployment timetables for the "swing to the right" and wound up countermanding an order from the Kaiser to modify the westward deployment to concentrate more troops on … Condition is excellent internally - cover a little worn as seen but good for over a century old. Buyer pays $5.00 First Class S&H. In 1914 Germany fought a two-front war and continued to fight it successfully until 1918. This is the employee timetable for the Prince Edward Island Railway dated May 7th, 1914. If shipping weight of combined timetable purchases exceeds the First Class weight limit we will ship Priority Mail at a flat rate of $7.00 for all timetables purchased. 1914 Formation of the Railway Executive Committee. 1929 Official Guide of the Railways Timetable Map : Arkansas Southeastern R.R. ISBN: 9780999000595. Most orders are dispatched within two-three working days of receipt of cleared payment. Millions of troops were moved by rail from August 1914 and the planned summer holiday timetables were altered from the declaration of war. A facsimile reprint of the London And South Western Railway Timetables for the summer of 1914. Train Company's own timetables If you prefer more traditional timetables, by selecting a train operating company from the list below; you can then select, download and print the latest version of the timetable from their website.

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