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Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 Snow Cone Machine Specifications Electrical: 120V, 55W Assembled Dimensions: 6. Good for serving a few fluffy servings a day, just like the shave ice from your local favorite! First, you don’t have to have a $2,000 commercial grade shaved ice machine to make Hawaiian shave ice. Bring Hawaii to your house with this Shaved Ice Party Package by Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Model Numbers S900A; 6 1/2" W x 8" D x 14" H. Electric, 120 V, 55W, 60 Hz. Unfortunately, we do not ship rental machines. This machine is the best thing that we have ever bought. Install the new blade and tighten the screws which hold the blade in place. Simply wipe down the machine parts and with a clean, dry, soft cloth. $72.75. Unscrew and remove the large nut which attaches the metal rotary wing to the shaving case. Yes, you can make a pretty darn good shave ice at home. MANBA Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine - Premium Portable Ice Crusher and Shaved Ice Machine with Free Ice Cube Trays - BPA Free 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,232 $19.99 $ 19 . Ease of ordering, choices, flavors, shipping.....everything is perfect! $44.99. Remove the three screws which fasten the conical shaving case and life upward to remove. For serving, the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Party Package contains 1-pint bottles of cherry, blue raspberry and grape syrups, 25 spoon straws, 25 snow cone … This shave ice maker is fun and easy to use. Hawaiian Shaved Ice carries everything you need to make homemade snow cones. Bite after bite, your customer will appreciate the velvety smooth "melt in your mouth" enjoyment from a Swan Ice Shaver. With its 3-piece design, you can assemble the machine in a matter of seconds. 1 year in-house warranty; Nat'l distributor for the Fujimarca, Swan, and Hatsuyuki shave ice machines; Extensive knowledge in shave ice technical support; Please also check out our Machine Repair service as well as Pre Owned … Please use a generator of more than 1,200W capacity. We suggest changing the blade every 2,000 to 4,000 servings to keep a consistent product. $19.99. The HC-8E will provide years of service for any shaved ice business. Browse 100 of the best snow cone syrup flavors in the industry! For questions regarding this machine, click on the FAQ tab above. Measuring in at only 6.5 inches wide, 10.5 inches in diameter and 10.5 inches tall, this countertop electric shaved ice machine is perfect for home use. Slowly turn the blade adjustment knob clockwise until you reach your desired ice consistency. Hawaiian Shaved Ice is offering home-use Carnus brand popcorn makers. Pull downward to remove. To re-assemble, simply follow the above instructions in reverse order. Never question where to buy snow cone syrup again! Everything You Need to Make Shaved Ice at Home! That�s 8-9 happy customers! Popular flavors include Cherry, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Tiger's Blood and Strawberry! Be sure to use a grounded, three-prong 115V electrical receptacle and keep water away from the electrical portions of the machine. Go ahead and pull out the lid connecting shaft and remove the lid. In order to serve a fresh, fluffy snoball at your business, you need a reliable shaved ice machine that can accommodate any amount of customers. Remove the two screws which attach the shaver blade assembly. To clean your machine, first, disconnect the power cord from the socket. This kit features all the essentials including an S900 electric shaved ice machine, 25 snow cone cups, 25 spoon straws, 3 black bottle pourers, 2 round ice molds, and 3 ready-to-use pints featuring- … Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing this Hawaiian Shaved Ice machine. Trust us - this makes cleanup easy-schmeezy. This machine was made with safety in mind. Shaved ice machines often take one of two types of ice: cubes or blocks. or Best Offer +$23.85 shipping. One spare blade is included with your machine and additional blades may be purchased when adding the machine to your shopping cart. We recommend changing your blade every 2,000-4,000 servings. Shave ice is NOT the same as a snow cone. HEY GUYS Get Your Hawaiian SHAVED ICE MACHINE HERE ️ https://amzn.to/2LNAqOiGet Your Igloo Ice Maker HERE ️ https://amzn.to/2xK9zdy#VarVarReviews MANBA Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine - Premium Portable Ice Crusher and Shaved Ice Machine with Free Ice Cube Trays - BPA Free 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,354 $50.72 Go ahead and buy the portable Little Snowie ice shaver. However, we do rent this machine to local customers. I highly recommend this seller. The Hawaiian Shaved Ice machine is a great shaved ice maker for home-use because of the size, ease-of-use and price. Combine any ice shaver with a healthy snow cone syrup, snow cone cups and spoon straws for a DIY shaved ice party! These household machines are known for delivering cool and refreshing Hawaiian snow at a moment’s notice. If it's too tight and you struggle to remove it by hand, pry up carefully with a screwdriver. However, we do sell a battery-powered version on our commercial website, If you can lift 50 pounds, you're good-to-go. For the best deal, visit our Facebook page for any active Hawaiian Shaved Ice coupon codes. This popcorn machine has the visual appearance of a vintage movie theater-style popcorn popper and can pop about 16-cups of popped popcorn (serve approximately eight guests). Don't worry about this machine - it's been tested by professionals and owners worldwide! Shaved Ice Shaver Specifications. 1-800-Shaved-Ice's commercial Hawaiian shaved ice machines are the perfect ice shavers for our overseas customers. Flip the on/off switch on the front of the machine or easily step on the optional foot pedal. You've been waiting for this day. Everything You Need to Make Shaved Ice at Home! Next, remove the two screws holding the blade and pull out the blade making sure not to cut yourself. An alternate use could be to create an icy base for food on a buffet. We hope you'll be busy enough that your ice won't even have time to melt! Now we can enjoy a little bit of Hawaii every day, not just on vacation. You may use a damp cloth with diluted dish detergent. This is, by far, our most popular professional shaved ice machine. We Offer International Shipping to Canada, Hatsuyuki HC-8E Cube Ice Shaver Owner's Manual, Professional Snow Cone Machine - Sno King, Commercial Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Supplies. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine with 3 Flavor Syrup Pack and Accessories. 101 sold. Hawaiian shave ice machines. This machine is the best thing that we have ever bought. We do recommend you use a drip pan underneath the machine to help catch the excess ice and reduce mess. Shop for shaved ice maker online at Target. $19.99 $ 19. Another unit model made by the Hawaiian Shaved Ice is the S700 Electric Hawaiian Snow Cone Machine. Simply catch the shaved ice in your desired serving container, add your favorite Hawaiian Shaved Ice syrup and complete it with a spoon straw or a plastic spoon. Setup with this device is easily… 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,523. Because the battery operated motors are different, this machine cannot be converted to battery. Good news - this machine includes a spare blade! Next, unscrew the four white-headed screws on the top cover and remove. The day is finally here. How to Make Hawaiian Shave Ice at Home. Though the ice isn’t nearly as soft or small, the price is right at just $79.99, and I love that the ice basin is large enough to make big batches of shave ice instead of one serving at a time.

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