2020 Smith and Sayles

Hot, sunny, calm conditions with de-weeding operations causing stained water caused a tough day. Rick R. Was able to come through with a respectable bag on a grinding day. Matt M. came in second with Dave A. taking third. Congratulations to our winners! Patterns were all over the place, but fish were found predominantly in the 3’ to 6’ zone. Top water brought some quality fish to the scales but soft plastics dominated. Great job to Rick R. Methodically working a 5” black blue fleck Senko for the win, great job! Dave A. and Matt M. scored early with top water with a Whopper Plopper getting in on the action. Awesome job by Matt M. Making an adjustment by going to a big worm in the heat for the Lunker of the day! Great job by all anglers grinding on a tough day!