2017 Singletary

5/6/2017   Cloud covered skies, on and off rain with high winds. Air temp 59*/49*. Average water temp 57*.

15 Anglers     37 Fish total     64.41 lbs total    1.74lb average weight    6.04lb Day Lunker

1st Place  Bert M. 12.17lbs

2nd Place Rick R. 10.06lbs

3rd Place Roger F. 9.46lbs

Lunker Rick R. 6.04lbs

2017 Singletary

  • Bert M. 1st Place 12.17 lbs
  • Rick R. 2nd Place and Lunker 10.06 lbs/6.04 lbs
  • Roger F. 3rd Place 9.46 lbs