2017 Nippenicket

5/20/2017   Cloudy skies giving way to sun in the afternoon. Air temp 50*/66*. Average water temp 71*.

16 Anglers     51 Fish total     99.91 lbs total    1.96lb average weight    4.83lb Day Lunker

1st Place  Roger F. 12.17lbs

2nd Place Gabe D. 10.93lbs

3rd Place  Bert M. 10.90lbs

Lunker Keith G. 4.83

2017 Nippenicket

  • 1st Place Roger F. 12.17 lbs
  • 2nd Place Gabe D. 10.93 lbs
  • 3rd Place Bert M. 10.90 lbs
  • Lunker Keith G. 4.83lbs